Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Heard it here first

Possibly the stupidest media-fueled quasi-attack on Obama yet...anticipated by AMillionMonkeys more than a year ago!


Nicole said...

But according to the hard-hitting Maria Menounos interview, they will get one after he wins!

Can someone tell me why people made a big deal about "exposing his family" like that? The entire interview was about candy and bubblegum.

Rob said...

It is deeply weird to me, too, that people think having their dad run for president is no big thing but a short session with Maria Menounos somehow is a reason to freak out. Although maybe it is better to limit the Obama girls' exposure to such things, I can understand that. The Clintons kept Chelsea pretty shielded and she seemed to turn out great.

But yeah, everyone should relax a little about the silly interview...