Monday, July 07, 2008

A new and promising strategy for dealing with political liabilities

In a new twist on dealing with a politically problematic vote, U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio representing Dayton and some surrounding areas, sends out a campaign mailer in which he takes credit for "supporting" the GI Bill he voted against. Very clever, Rep. Turner!

It is not quite "Straight Talk Express," but I believe this tactic has some potential for the McCain campaign. Who knew you could just say you voted for a popular bill regardless of how you actually voted? This tactic would free up McCain, for instance, to argue that he opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, has been a steadfast opponent of torture, a suppoter of a woman's right to choice and who knows what else? The possibilities are nearly endless...

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stridewideman said...

In the ongoing framing of McCain as Bush's third term, I believe this strategem was pioneered for Turner by our favorite president.

Bush promised to veto the bill. When it passed with a veto proof majority, he praised the Congress for passing the bill.

Needless to say, I was confounded. This new method basically renders the media totally toothless.