Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Same as the old boss

From Campaign Diaries:
"NY Mag’s new article dissing Sebelius, Biden and Hagel as ... Obama’s choices devotes the most space in its section about Sebelius to the argument (provided by one 'well connected' source) that Obama could then suffer from the 'very American trope about miscegenation. (…) Every time they smile at each other, it will be triggered … And that’s exactly the kind of anxiety you do not want to raise in white working-class men — the fear that this handsome, charismatic black guy is after their women.' That the article concludes that Obama’s safest and best bet is Hillary Clinton, another white woman, does undermine its coherence..
Oh my!

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Rob said...

Hahahahaha. Yes, I believe that does count as an editing oversight...