Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday reading

Definitely worth spending some time with the David Carr NYT Magazine piece about his days as a crack addict, adapted from his forthcoming book on the subject. I am not typically a fan of the from-addiction-to-recovery genre -- James Frey, Jim Carroll, etc. -- but Carr is doing something different.

Because he actually took the trouble to report his story -- seeking out old friends, family members, medical records -- the story is not so much about his tortured interior state, the depths of his depravity, or the other familiar addiction story cliches. Instead it's about how other people saw him during the years he spent smoking crack, and also about the story he constructed about himself before, during and after his struggles with addiction. That's a more interesting story, even if it does ultimately arrive at some of the same lessons.

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stridewideman said...

Yeah, it's actually covering the urge of one to mythologize oneself. Definitely a thing I do, and certainly something that makes sense as something to become aware of. It's a much more interesting story of self-discovery, in that he's recreating the self he was and the self he became.