Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water. water everywhere...

Media conglomerates take up an ever-increasing share of the media pie, fewer voices populate the media space, and a dearth of options are available to the news-hungry consumer.

That is, unless you live in the year 2008. According to this new report, "contrary to what some media critics suggest, 'We have more media choice, more media competition, and more media diversity' than ever before. Indeed, they argue, 'To the extent there was ever a 'golden age' of media in America, we are living in it today.'"

Perhaps the cognitive dissonance is due to our ever increasing number of information channels being expended to complain about how we don't have enough information channels.

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Rob said...

Golden age, yikes, I wish the company I worked for was getting a little more gold. Have you seen our stock price? I wish media conglomerates were taking up an ever-increasing share of the media pie!