Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why are politicians always touching?

Does it seem to you like politicians are more touchy-feely than regular people? It does to me. I was watching a bit of tape of Barack Obama talking to Angela Merkel today: they were shaking hands for the camera, but also they kept touching one another on the arm as they spoke. Nothing creepy or out of the ordinary (no backrubs), but it did get me thinking: I practically never touch the people I am talking to, especially business associates. Possibly I am uptight, but is this normal?

For Obama and the German chancellor, it was certainly no big thing. And that's the way it seems to be for political leaders. George W. Bush actually kissed Joe Lieberman, McCain gave Bush a big ol' hug and so on. So I feel I've got to ask: Is there something particular to the political profession that lends itself to PDA?

P.S. ... Turns out the New York Times got there well before I did, with a 2006 piece on the "Politics of Good Touch, Bad Touch"...

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Levois said...

This is one direction politics should definitely not go in.