Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden and me

Obama's choice of Joseph Biden as VP candidate has a mixed reflection on AMillionMonkeys. I was touting his foreign policy knowledge back in fall 2006, and by December 2006 I was proposing him as a potential Obama VP candidate.

By all rights, this should be a day of triumph for me, and I should be crowing and touting my prescience to everyone who will listen. But then in March 2007, probably as Biden was getting in trouble for one or another verbal gaffe, I wrote that "My idea that he'd potentially make a good VP candidate surely ranks among this blog's most embarrassing errors in judgment." Noooo! I snatched pundit defeat from the jaws of pundit victory.

(The only thing that keeps that post from being an utterly embarrassing error in judgment is that I was still pushing Biden as Secretary of State.)

Lesson: Never, ever change your mind!


stridewideman said...

You goof, as we've learned from candidates untold, the only thing that matters is what you've just said! You could have gotten away with this.

In the prescient words of Jello Biafra: "Deny everything!"

Saxdrop said...

--Thoughtful, sincere foreign policy expert;
--perhaps the most expert potential Senate/congressional liaison;
--very comfortable with public appearances, especially Sunday talk shows and debates;
--Blue-collar street cred and compelling personal story

--Criticized Obama;
--From Delaware;
--Undermines "change" message;
--Has a different Iraq voting record than Obama;
--Well highlighted verbal gaffes and long-winded orator;
--the "Kinnock" plagiarism affair;
--likes McCain?

Nicole said...

Eh, the plagiarism affair is far away as the Keating Five, it's a million years ago and a non-issue. If McCain picks Romney, the whole "criticized Obama" thing becomes another non-issue, since they were a lot more brutal to each other than Biden was towards Obama. It does undermine the change message and his different voting record could become an issue, but I think recent polls seemed to indicate Americans were getting a little scared of too much change (sadly), so maybe they needed this to placate them that it's just a little change, or something.

Potential to placate angry Hillary voters by picking an experienced "peer" of hers, as CNN has said about a hundred times, is also hopefully a benefit.

Rob, I certainly thought of you and your prescient prediction this morning (and had mostly forgotten you had taken it back . . .) ;) .

Rob said...

I agree with Nicole that the plagiarism thing is probably ancient history, too old to matter. But of course we are pretty young.

And I wonder if "likes McCain" might not be a pro rather than a con. The "this is not the John McCain I know" is a potentially promising line of attack...

haahnster said...

Lesson: Never, ever change your mind!

Spoken like a true "W" backer! Luckily, we recognize that as irony. And, Nicole is still get credit where credit is (or perhaps is not) due.

On a serious note, 2 months ago, I would've said Biden's automatic killing of the Washington-outsider/change message was an inexcusable choice for Obama. At this (ever more jaded) point in time, I'm just looking forward to Biden beating the shit out of McCain/Romney (or whomever) on their start-a-shooting-war-is-always-Plan-A foreign policy.