Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why does Sarah Palin keep contradicting John McCain?

I would file this under "cunning and self-serving" rather than "clueless and off-message," though I suppose it's open to debate. But doesn't it seem like Sarah Palin is contradicting John McCain an awful lot? If you're McCain, I would assume you do not want your VP candidate saying this kind of thing 17 days before the election:
I asked Palin whether she'd do things differently if she could repeat those weeks. She answered by silently mouthing "yes." When two aides--we were on a McCain-Palin bus with staff and security--said "yes" aloud, she chimed in, "Yes,  yes, yes, yes."
Of course, if you are Palin, and you think McCain is probably going to lose, clearly it serves your own personal political interest to have Republicans thinking that your candidacy was terribly mismanaged by McCain's people.

So add this to Palin's second-guessing the campaign's decision to pull out of Michigan and possibly her contradiction of his position on unions to the list of her public statements that turn out to be helpful to Sarah Palin's political career at the expense of John McCain's.

Can anyone think of others?

UPDATE [10/20 9:48am] ... Here's a pretty big one: "Palin criticizes robocalls." Meanwhile the candidate himself is left to grit his teeth and justify them. Isn't being this off-message usually considered bad form in a running mate?


candycanesammy said...

I think it is pretty clear that she does what she's told and that's about as far as she's thought it all through.

For example, there's a new story out that she is now recording robocalls:

So there's that.

Don Hotdog said...

If she's under the delusion that she can pivot after the election and blame her spectacular failure on the McCain campaign, she's gravely, sadly mistaken. There will be no second act for Palin. In fact, I doubt that she'll get another term as governor after the embarrassment she's inflicted on the fine people of a certain northern, moose-ridden state.

Rob said...

Oh I disagree, Don Hotdog. My sense is that the GOP is going to blame this all on McCain. Not a true conservative, didn't run a negative enough campaign (!), too old, etc. etc. I think Sarah Palin will come out of this as a real national figure among conservatives.

Her problem is that while conservatives love her, right now she's very unpopular with everyone ELSE. Whether or not that will change, I really don't know...

Don Hotdog said...

There will be more than enough blame to go around but the idea that Palin will emerge from all this as a viable future candidate for president is enough to make a cat laugh.
She's a cartoon at this point. Her "Real America " shtick is outdated. It's not going to play any better in 4 years. As a cult-of-personality figure she'll stay around but as a serious politician, I think she's probably done.

There are 26 newspapers endorsements that flipped from Bush in '04 to Obama this year. They all cite the Palin choice as part of the reason. Given the current economic situation, a choice like Romney, which would have been boring at the time--like Biden--might be looking pretty savvy right now.

Her favorables were very high and dropped like a rock as soon as she opened her mouth. McCain isn't going to be blamed for those nonsensical interviews, only for choosing her in the first place.

haahnster said...

McCain isn't going to be blamed for those nonsensical interviews, only for choosing her in the first place.

No self-respecting neoconservative will blame Palin for those interviews... those are to be blamed solely on the "liberal media"... I'll be sure you get a copy of that memo.


Don Hotdog said...

Things are looking even worse candidate Palin at weeks end.

Rob said...

Some of those internal polling numbers were pretty brutal on Gov. Palin, it's true. But the base loves her!

Don Hotdog said...

The base can suck my ass.

Dmnkly said...

Now the lead story at

Palin "Going Rogue" McCain Aide Says

Whatever her chances of success may be, I'd say this makes it pretty clear she's throwing grandpa under the bus and gunning for 2012.