Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Chris Matthews, God love him, just now:
Joe the Plumber ... I mean this guy's like, now, like a character out of like, uh, I don't know, like one of these old -- I was thinking of Beowulf or something.


Isaac said...

That's great. He's so incoherent! Watching this last debate made me think that a Nixon/Kennedy comparison was pretty apt here. McCain just came off old, ugly and irrelevant.

But the race isn't particularly tight, so maybe the comparison isn't that apt.

Saxdrop said...

Beowulf. Yes, I seem to recall middle English literature being littered with Joe the Plumber archetypes.
On this morning's Morning Joe they were talking about Time's cover story discussing the necessity of first-class temperament versus first-class intellect.

Richard Stengal's example of someone with great intellect and poor temperament was Nixon. I don't know if McCain qualifies, lacking a first-rate capacity in both categories.