Sunday, December 07, 2008

Captain America!

Civil War: Captain America Civil War: Captain America by Ed Brubaker

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This all happened last year, but I am just now learning about it: Captain America, at war with Tony Stark over the Superhero Registration Act! Right now I am totally siding with Cap, but I guess that is because I have been reading all Captain America comics -- I haven't heard Tony Stark's side of the story yet. Anyway I am reading my way backwards through Captain America comics, hopefully will make it all the way back to 1941 eventually...

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Erik said...

Civil War was a blessing and a curse for the Marvel Universe. It was just amazing, but now all Marvel seems to be doing are these huge cross over archs.

I hope they shake it off soon.

stridewideman said...

The clear political stuff in the Civil War series made it some of the best comic writing in years. I came to love Captain America as a character way more through it, also. Making him the leader of the resistance was a master stroke on the part of the writers

There's a soliliquoy by Cap in one of the Spiderman crossovers, where Spidey has asked Cap how he can be so strong, how he can keep going.

Cap has this long thing that goes a couple of pages. It's really powerful stuff, some quotes from Mark Twain, culminating in this:
"When the world is saying you have to do the wrong thing, no matter what, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and say 'No. You move.'"

Fucking comic writing at it's very best. Absolutely the sort of thing I want every ten year old boy in America to read and grow up thinking about things a little bit more, and thinking more about their own role.