Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My own Blagojevich questions, answered

Some of the questions that arose this morning have been answered. Like these:

Q. Who gets to appoint Obama's replacement now?
A. Nobody really knows. It's unlikely that Blagojevich is going to resign quietly, so this could turn out to be a giant problem.

Q. Who is Senate Candidate 5?
A. Gotta be Emil Jones. [UPDATE 12/10 11:23am: You guys were right. Looks like it was Junior.]

Q. Blagojevich is accused of "conspiring to trade the senate seat for particular positions that the President-elect has the power to appoint." Trade with whom? Does Rahm know anything about this?
A. It might actually have been Rahm who tipped off Fitzgerald. How about that. [UPDATE 3:08pm: This seems to overstate things. What is in that link is more like, the fact that Blagojevich was involved in so much Senate-seat-related monkey business encouraged Fitzgerald to move quickly. UPDATE II 5:06pm: Rahm confirms this latter interpretation, or at least denies the former.]

Q. Who could ever have seen this coming?
A. No one. To all outward appearances, Rod Blagojevich was a model governor: effective, popular, upstanding, ethical. Ha ha, just a little joke there. But seriously, I don't think anyone anticipated the sheer scope of the corruption and self-delusion revealed in charging documents. It is really an extraordinary thing.

Q. Is Rod Blagojevich insane?
A. I think you could actually make a case.


Q. Will Rod Blagojevich quietly resign while making no particular trouble for anybody?
A. God, no. Why should he? He's done nothing at all wrong.


Matt said...

Q. Is Rod Blagojevich insane?

A. I think you could actually make a case.

If half of what is alleged in the indictment is true, then there's no question...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob;

Three comments.

The wiretap was in place before the election, so I don't think this is all due to Rahm tipping them off after Blago approached him with a deal for the senate seat.

Emil Jones, pres of the IL Senate just called for a special session which would have a special election determine who took O's senate seat. According to IL code, the speaker of the house, Madigan, would have to agree to this.

I've also seen people naming Jesse jackson Jr. as Candidate 5.

capitalfaxblog.com is a good resource right now.

-- Craig Brozefsky

Rob said...

That's a good point, obviously the investigation has been going on forever so it's not like Rahm called and said, "Hey you might want to look into this Blagojevich character." I will clarify this in the post...

It might be true, as reported, that some sort of tip from Rahm encouraged Fitzgerald to move quickly. But that also might be relying too heavily on something one person said on live TV as the story was unfolding.

Will be interesting to watch what happens with that special election... I wouldn't think Madigan would have a problem with it, would you?