Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So did Obama want Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the Senate or not?

Looks like Jason Zengerle of The New Republic was fooled in the same way I was when it came to the identity of Senate Candidate 5 in the Blagojevich complaint. According to those documents, Blago believed Obama didn't want #5 to fill the seat, which was part of what made me and Zengerle think #5 probably wasn't Jesse Jackson, Jr., who had a good relationship with Obama.

But Zengerle quotes the Obama's report:
After Ms. Jarrett removed herself from consideration, Mr. Emanuel – with the authorization of the President-Elect – gave Mr. Harris the names of four individuals whom the President-Elect considered to be highly qualified: Dan Hynes, Tammy Duckworth, Congresswoman Schakowsky and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
So, okay, here's the question: Did Blagojevich really just misunderstand Obama's intentions regard Jackson, or is Obama's report the whitewash, and they're including Jackson's name now as some sort of attempt to repair that relationship? I would lean toward the former, but it's a bit of an open question. I wonder if we'll get more info, wiretaps, etc. from Fitzgerald that will shed more light on this, or not...

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