Monday, January 12, 2009

Did Blagojevich win something today?

I get why everyone is saying that Blagojevich "won" the Burris showdown: Because he got Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate to allow his appointment to be seated after all. There was a showdown, and Blagojevich won.

What I don't understand is what Blagojevich actually gets for winning. It doesn't improve his lot with the Illinois legislature. It's neither here nor there to Patrick Fitzgerald's legal case. It's not at all clear that it helps his approval rating with Illinoisans. What did he win?

P.S. ... Also worth noting that Harry Reid didn't really lose anything here except face... Reid was "beaten and outfoxed into having one more Democratic senator than he was counting on having," which is not exactly a career-ender when you are the Democratic Senate Majority Leader... Can you realistically imagine Roland Burris failing to vote with party leadership on even one major issue?

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