Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Most wanted painting

The popular taste wins again:

This painting is the result of public opinion polling about what painting Americans most want to see. I like it. I like the deer, and the George Washington. More most wanted and least wanted paintings here.

I heard about this project on this This American Life episode. The most/least wanted song project is much less interesting to me for some reason.


Nicole said...

Am I missing something here- why is the most wanted painting for every country virtually the same hill-with-tree-and-lake-and-deer, and the least wanted always some geometric pattern?

Nicole said...

By taking a second look, apparently Holland has some pretty cracked out people. Italians and Germans are also pretty weird. But all other countries love trees, water and deer. Yikes.

Blaster said...

I like the Least wanted painting of Holland. But the Most wanted painting; I can’t understand what it is trying to say. The design is just opposite to rest of the country's Most wanted ones.