Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Republicans

I have some thoughts on the stimulus politics here.


Erik said...

I sort of see it your way, Rob, but I differ in one regard. Democrats know that the Republicans aren't going to vote for any stimulus bill brought forward, regardless of its content. Because they will one of four things: vote for a bill that succeeds and they get none of the credit for it, vote for a bill that fails and nothing happens to them, vote against a bill that succeeds and just watch the dems get credit or vote against a bill that fails and take all the credit for knowing it was going to fail.

Simple game theory shows where the best risk/reward scenario is. With that in mind, Democrats should have spent more time crafting something that actually appeases all the people that got them into power rather than pandering to what has increasingly become a fringe party. The extending of the olive branch does nothing but continue to show that Democrats are spineless compromisers rather than bold policy makers of vision.

stridewideman said...

I disagree. Remember that they still have to pass the thing through the Senate, where they still don't have the votes to do so.

So really, they have to craft the bill knowing that they're going to have to cater to a small minority of Republican Senators, and provide them with enough cover that they will continue to caucus with Senate Democrats on big bills.

So, while I lob this grenade from the extreme left fringe where I live, I unfortunately agree with the strategy.

Erik said...

Which Dems are thinking of faltering in the Senate that they need Republican votes to bring it through? I'm not asking this to be a smart ass, I honestly don't know.

stridewideman said...

They don't have 60 Dem votes, which is what they need. That means they need at least one R vote, likely someone like Olympia Snowe of Maine. There's also concern that Blue Dog dems might bolt, so folks like Jim Webb.