Thursday, January 15, 2009

Radio silent

Rob, sorry for the quiet blogging as of late. With my new job focusing on financial markets the last few months (my timing couldn't have been worse!) and preparing for the onslaught here in DC, life is in a kind of red-lining mode.

I'll have more to contribute after inauguration and once I've solved the economic crisis.


Erik said...

You're in DC? We should probably hang out or something. Drop me an e-mail or something. Digits on the facebook as well.

Rob said...

FYI Erik, this post is from another AMillionMonkeys contributor. I am still in good ol' 25-below-zero Wausau; see photographic evidence in previous post. But next time I am on the eastern seaboard I will definitely look you up.

Saxy, listen, repairing the markets is important and everything, but this blog has readers in the double digits who count on you. However... No worries. Any and all economic analysis always welcome from you, even the craaaazy libertarian sort.

Rob said...

P.S. Posts about neo-soul etc. are welcome too. Whatever. It's all good.

Erik said...

Ah, now I see it. Dag yo, I'm not used to multiple contributors to blogs <.<