Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On The Roots and Jimmy Fallon

Everybody seems mad that The Roots are Jimmy Fallon's house band. But why shouldn't they make money on some guy's TV show? My understanding is they never got much from the industry. Even Jay-Z kind of half-screwed them over if memory serves.


Saxdrop said...

As that gawker post points out, it of course is very cool that we get to see The Roots on TV whenever we want, so in that sense its socially beneficial.

I think the overall queasiness of Philly's hippest band playing back up to one long late night movie junket has less to do with the format, and more to do with the title character. Jimmy Fallon bothers many people (including me) in a way that's probably unjustified. He just gives off a sense that he has no idea how lucky he is to have this show and have such an amazing group at his side.

Also my worst fears were realized when I flipped to the show to catch The Roots playing "Brick House" while Tina Fey did her impression of the "awkward dance." I thought it might take several weeks for The Roots to be relegated to wedding band status, but they cut right to the point.

Rob said...

No, listen, he is terrible. I know talk shows take a little while to develop (even Colbert was awkward at first!) but based on the couple of episodes I test-DVR'd this week Jimmy Fallon is still the same smug, unfunny d-bag we all remember.