Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One of our town's more colorful characters

Ryan Lizza has a great profile of Rahm Emanuel in The New Yorker. This part made me laugh out loud [HT to Daniel Drezner]:
I noticed that over [Emanuel's] left shoulder, on the credenza behind him, was an official-looking name plate, which he said was a birthday present from his two brothers. It read “Undersecretary for Go F**k Yourself.”
For some reason it made me think of Ari Gold.

I also liked this part:
When Emanuel was a teen-ager, he lost half of his right middle finger, after cutting it on a meat slicer—an accident, Obama once joked, that “rendered him practically mute.”


Kirsten said...

I'm assuming you also know that the character Ari Gold is actually based on Rahm's brother Ari, who actually is a successful Hollywood agent? Looks like that's just good writing!
Rahm is also part of the character of Josh Lyman on West Wing - Aaron Sorkin knows the family well.

Saxdrop said...

yup! i thought i was being cute by pointing out the obvious.