Saturday, April 04, 2009

About that "gay marriage Mecca" idea

I know this is one of those issues where Rep. Steve King and most of the rest of the world are not going to see eye to eye, but wouldn't becoming a "gay marriage Mecca" potentially be a very good thing for Iowa?

I would assume gay Midwesterners with enough mobility to relocate to Des Moines would be reasonably affluent in the first place, and that they would have dollars to spend and skills to contribute to Iowa's economy. And Iowa could certainly use the younger workers.

To be fair to Rep. King, I suppose it's possible that you would end up with a bunch of gay squatters living off the welfare rolls in Cedar Rapids or Dubuque or Sioux City or wherever, but it really doesn't seem like the most likely outcome.

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Saxdrop said...

Rob, if you change some of the, ahem, nomenclature from your argument in favor of "gay marriage Mecca," you get the same basic argument that justifies increasing the number of H1-B Visas for immigrants.