Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sentences that don't bother me

3. Crocs footwear (CROX): The decline in stock price from $72 per share in late 2007 to $2 today, ongoing financing issues, consumer belt-tightening and the end of a fad, leads to 24/7 Wall Street’s declaration that “Crocs won’t make it through the year.”
And a sentence that does:
4. Saturn vehicles: As General Motors (GM) faces bankruptcy, 24/7 Wall Street said it will almost certainly shutter the brand, whose sales dropped 59% in the first quarter of 2009.
From SeekingAlpha's "Top 12 Brands Likely to Disappear." Although I probably shouldn't be that concerned: my now 11-year-old car has been relatively free of major problems and is most assuredly out of warranty anyway. But it is a shame because of all GM's brands, Saturn at least appeared to have the most loyal customer base.

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