Thursday, April 02, 2009

So long, "On the next ER" commercials

So I am torn between not believing that ER is really going off the air and not believing that ER actually stayed on the air for 57 seasons or whatever it was. I am not a fan, nor am I watching tonight's finale, but obviously it was a TV institution, so I guess a little tip of the hat is in order. Or not, whatever.

What I was a big fan of were the consistently brilliant commercial promos for ER. Laura and I had a running joke that the entire show was basically an ever-escalating series of ridiculous new things somehow making their way into the ER. "There's a bomb in the ER!" "There's a tank in the ER!" "There's a boy band in the ER!" "There's a rhinoceros in the ER!" ... And so on.

So every new commercial promo was an exciting opportunity to see what new calamity was going to befall the ER. And you really didn't even have to watch the show to get some enjoyment out of that.


stridewideman said...

Younger George Clooney looks sort of like Rahm Emmanuel. Wierd.

Rob said...

You are just saying that because you find them both dreamy.

Jb said...

Oh no, Quentin Tarantino's is in the ER!

Never got the show myself, but I usually laughed heartily every time the dramatic "whooosh" kicked in when the trauma victim was lifted on to the operating table.

That gag never gets old.