Friday, June 12, 2009

Barney Frank storms off

from a CNBC interview right before he walks into a hearing and grills my friend JW. Rep. Frank can be a very intimidating man, I can say from experience.


Don Hotdog said...

Would the blogger Saxdrop be so kind as to elaborate on the personal experience with Barney Frank that left him with such an impression?

As an infrequent guest of amillionmonkeys and an admirer Rep. Frank, I am interested in your experiences with this somewhat unusual/influential member of congress.

the cold cowboy said...

My ex-boss (RIP) sat on two committees - Transportation & Financial Services. While I was in charge of transportation, my good friend staffed her on financial services hearing days. All feared the wrathful intellect of Barney--staffers and MCs alike, whom he would not hesitate to dress down center-stage amidst a televised hearing for something so trivial as a blackberry tip-tapping. the worse part being he could so easily convince the entire room (if not you yourself) that you were subhuman for such a thing. The dude has a +5 charisma and SmoothTalk.

Don Hotdog said...

Hey cowboy,
Thanks for the post.