Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Countdown with Keith Olbermann segment

Here it is:


haahnster said...


Maybe next time David Wolffe and Jonathan Alter both have previous commitments, YOU can be on Countdown...!

More specifically to Mr. Stevenson's point, I agree that Rachel Maddow is approximately as extremely left-wing as Limbaugh is extremely right-wing. I further agree that both are in the entertainment business to a greater degree than they are in the straight "news" business. However, I seldom find Maddow to be saying things for shock value the way Limbaugh does. [Note: I've never heard her radio show. I've only seen her on MSNBC.]

So, either her radio show is much wilder than her TV show, or I'm just more sympathetic to her views--to a great enough degree that I am not seeing the validity of the comparison... or, Stevenson's point doesn't hold.

Either way, congrats on your involvement. You've got your finger on the pulse of the grass-roots disintegration of the GOP!!!

Saxdrop said...

Well done! #1 item on the Countdown!

and i gotta go with catnip on this one.

Rob said...

Oh catnip is definitely the answer. It fits an existing storyline that the left LOVES. As Erik said below, that doesn't make it not true, but it does make it easy pickings for the lefties.

Haahnster, I guess it's partly a matter of their different entertaining styles? Rush has the mock-heroic truth-teller thing, Rachel has a more impish, snarky style. But I'm with you, it's more than that, and it's a little too easy to equate the two. Maybe that's partly just because the left doesn't have ANYONE who easily equates to Limbaugh. Does it?