Monday, June 15, 2009

I visit Carl Sandburg in a dream

Last week I found myself in Galesburg, Ill., where I decided to visit the birthplace of Carl Sandburg. I like the "Chicago Poems" and "The People, Yes," and I also like that one Sufjan Stevens song involving Carl Sandburg, so it was worth it. I haven't read Sandburg's Lincoln biographies but I like that he wrote them.

The birthplace is exactly what you would expect but I was glad I went there. Then, for reasons I do not fully understand I bought two 50-cent reproductions of his manuscript pages. I am not going to frame them; I guess I will put them in a folder or something.

One is the famous "Hog butcher to the world" poem. The other is just a quote from a Lincoln speech, which I like because I think it fits our Internet age:

If you cannot read the image, it says:
From Lincoln's message to
Congress Dec. 1, 1862
In times like the present
men should utter nothing
for which they would not
willingly be responsible
through time and eternity.

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