Saturday, June 06, 2009

Limbaugh's response

Well it is not much, but in the interest of keeping AMillionMonkeys readers current on the beef between a former spokesman for the Marathon County Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh, here is Rush yesterday responding to the Wausau Daily Herald's story. He must have been responding to a caller:

LIMBAUGH: I know the story going -- this is about this little schlub up in Wisconsin. Yes, I know all about it, I know all about it. Look, that's not even big enough for me to worry about. That guy's such a podunk, it's not even worthy of our time on the E -- I wish you wouldn't interrupt me with this stuff. If you're gonna interrupt me every time I'm on that stupid government-run channel, then I'm going to be doing nothing but reacting to the government-run channel. All they do is run videotape of me and people complaining about me. I'm talking about government-run MSNBC. Some little podunk Republican -- moderate liberal Republican who was thrown out of his leadership post in Wausau, Wisconsin, some county there, because he dared criticize me. And so this guy is now loved and adored by government-run media. Big whoop. This has been going on for three days. This is not even new news.
(Via MediaMatters.)

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