Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Marathon County GOP spokesman ousted following criticism of Limbaugh

A story of mine in today's newspaper has gotten some traction around the blogosphere today. Here's the original story:
The Republican Party of Marathon County has stripped its spokesman of his title less than three months after he wrote a column critical of conservative talk radio star Rush Limbaugh.

Kevin Stevenson said he believes his March guest column in the Wausau Daily Herald criticizing Limbaugh turned local party members against him.

"They felt I was too moderate in what I was speaking and printing," he said.

Stevenson, who characterizes himself as a "John McCain-type of Republican," said the conflict was a microcosm of a national debate about what political message to put forward. A debate at a local Republican meeting on Thursday "got hostile and it got personal," he said.
Here it is on HuffPo, here's TPM, here's the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. It was pulled for The Nation's newsfeeds. It was on thewheelerreport.com and wispolitics.com. And it was the subject of not one but two requests from MSNBC today, including one from "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."

So: Slow news day or totally awesome story by me? Or just pure catnip for lefty blogs?

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Erik said...

I'd lean more towards catnip. It's definitely a pair of story lines that many left blogs and media have been pursuing:

1) Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party. He smites his enemies and speaks for the Party when he says batshit crazy things.

2) The Republican Party is shrinking, casting out moderates. They don't want them. So if you are moderate, don't be a Republican.

Your story was definitely affirming of both of those, but so are a lot of other stories. So while those are both story lines the left wing wants, that doesn't keep them from being true.

Congrats on all the exposure all the same.