Tuesday, July 07, 2009

'It shows you how crazy people can get'

Overheard conversations in the YMCA steam room:

A: You remember Josh? He was crazy. Really crazy. He tried to kill himself you know, jumping off a bridge in Duluth. But he didn't kill himself -- he just went splash in the water! [Hard laughter.] Yeah, he ended up shooting himself though.

B: Really?

A: Yeah. He was crazy. It shows you how crazy people can get.


B: I was in Chicago and I went to one of those gyms they have in the bottom of a skyscraper? Like a Gold's Gym, a chain, I don't remember the name of it. In the bottom of a skyscraper. I went in the steam room they had there. The room got steamed up, but it was cold. The steam never got hot. It was like a greenhouse or something. I was like, bring some plants in here.

A: Do you garden? Plant things?

B: No. Well I grow some marijuana out in the woods. On county land. For parties, you know.

A: Me too.
I overheard both of these just today. (Same two dudes, these exchanges separated by a few minutes.) And I was in there for like 10 minutes. I really need to get a waterproof pen and pad and just hang out in there and take notes...

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Kevin said...

Dude, I've heard some crazy stuff in the steam room too, the only problem is you can't stay in there for more than like 10 minutes without dying... or at least I can't.