Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Wausau Tweetbus Project

Attention transit fans and Internet people! This project by my friends at Citizen Wausau looks like it will be pretty fun. This Saturday, people will be getting together to ride the Wausau Metro Ride all around town and write about it on Twitter. I am sort of a Twitter addict -- my Twitter feed is @robertmentzer -- so this sounds pretty cool to me:
TweetBus starts with a simple goal: we want to increase both awareness and use of the Wausau Public Transit System, the bus. Public transit is a vital part of our city’s growth. Sadly, every year Public Transit seems to be attacked around the time of the city budget. So we want to do something fun and progressive that uses technology to create awareness of the Public Transit System.

Members of the CW family will be riding the bus all day on Saturday November 7th. We would love your company, but we’ll get to that in a second.


1. We will be meeting at 8:45am Saturday November 7th at the Downtown Transit Center, and getting on the bus for our day long sojourn. We would love to meet you there, and start the day together. If you cannot make it there, or just want to do a part of the day, see below. We would welcome you to the fun of a day on the bus.

2. Follow our progress on Twitter. Participants in the event should use the hashtag #tweetbus at the end of any relevant tweets. You can follow all the #tweetbus posts on the TweetBus website, or by searching for them on Twitter.
One thing I like about this is that it's an opportunity to find out all the places the buses go. (But then I am one of those weird people who thinks it would be fun to ride around and around the different loops.) Citizen Wausau has a Tweetbus site set up here that is going to pull together all the tweets that people post with the hashtag #tweetbus, which means anyone can participate and anyone can read what's happening as the project goes on.

I am going to join in with this on Saturday. You should, too! All the info is here.

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