Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letters to the editor are my favorite

Yesterday night on Twitter I was making fun of crazy letters to the editor, such as the weird blast-fax screeds that make their way to my desk. Anyway it led me to a few further thoughts and I did a handful of tweets. Here they are unedited and in order in one place:
As much as I make fun of crazy letter-writers, I love letters to the editor, too. They were always my favorite part of newspaper growing up.

Still appreciate the way they are a) personal and b) public. And they get perspectives into the newspaper that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

My favorite thing is letters responding to other letters. I *like* that people take time to respond, wait for publication.

I am no luddite. But you know it is true: There’s a different character to this than posting a comment beneath a letter online.

Also good: Updates, like letter complaining of bird droppings at park, then (after a rainstorm) thanking person who cleaned up.

So, listen, I will always have fun with weird or nonsensical letters. Some are too funny or deranged not to share.

But for serious, part of what I like about them is they can throw you a curveball in a way the rest of the paper rarely does.

These have been some further thoughts about letters to the editor.

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