Saturday, December 25, 2010

Robert Mentzer's Certified Finest Musicks and Things, 2010 (Pt. II)

The saga continues...

Viral Videos

5. Tik Tok Star Trek
4. Phil Davison for Stark County Treasurer
3. Bed Intruder
2. Miracles
1. Trololo

Other video entertainment that was very good:
Nike World Cup commercial
People dropping cameras
Broken Bells video with Christina Hendricks as a cyborg

Best Facebook thread on my Facebook page:
"I need a catchphrase."

One of the funnest things I did:
Livetweeting the Lady Antebellum concert

Best poster:

Best blog posts by me

"Unified theory of Ke$ha," January 26, 2010

"Favorite tattoos," Feb. 26, 2010

"A shadow narrative of a 1960s when crooners were still king," April 13, 2010

"Mike Allen's productive weirdness," April 25, 2010

"Sleep-talking, May 23," May 23, 2010

"This was done by a 10-year-old autistic boy I met," June 9, 2010

"Live from inside the beating heart of popular American music," August 4, 2010

"Travel diary," November 21, 2010

My top 11 tweets of 2010:
Here here here here here here here here here here here.

Best magazine stories:

"Roger Ebert: The Essential Man," Chris Jones, Esquire

"The Mark of a Masterpiece," David Grann, The New Yorker

"Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds," Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair

"The Man the White House Wakes Up To," Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine

"V-va-va-voom!" Tad Friend, New Yorker

"Man of Many Hats," Kelefa Sanneh, New Yorker

"The Trouble with Maya," Nitsuh Abebe, Pitchfork

"Come Party with Lady Gaga," Caitlin Moran, The Sunday Times

DJ Screw remembrance," Jace Clayton, Frieze Magazine

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